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These are personal art commissions available to private clients. If you are looking for professional concept, illustrative or comic work that you wish to use for games, print or products: please contact me directly through
[email protected]
for professional rates! Thank you.

Info & Prices

Painted Sketch

A coloured and rendered sketch of your personal OC or DnD character following your reference. Simple coloured background included. Prices are per character.


$200 - $600

Price will depend on complexity of your characters design and pose! Please let me know your idea and I will do my best to accommodate your budget.

Full-body are open! Busts are closed for March.

Concept Design

Have a description of your DnD character or a vague idea for a personal character? I can design them for you! The price includes a coloured sketch.

Starting at:


This option can be combined with the painted sketch halving the starting price for design. Cheapest option is then $200 for a simple character + $100 for the design work for a well described and simple character.

Design Refresh

Do you feel like your character needs a refresh or a new wardrobe? I can help! Design refresh is only an option for your painted sketch. The price varies from light edits to heavy design work.

Light refresh:

For slight edits on characters silhouette, colours or to add something unique.


Medium refresh:

For larger edits of your character. Change the hair, item of clothing or props, face or body shape.


Heavy refresh:

For big changes of your character like a completely new wardrobe or species.




Additional Character+100%Or same as base
Background$80 - $800Depending on complexity
Props+10-30%Depending on complexity
Familiar/Animal+25%-100%Depending on size
Bump fee+50%Get bumped up to the top of the list
Commercial licensing-Inquire

You may at any time before the commission has started: add any or the extras to your commission. Just send a DM or an email and you will be asked to pay the difference.

If not listed - let me know your vision for the commission! I'm open to most things.


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Characters belong to their respective owners:
Half-elf Bard - SorrelArtz
Egg Dragon - HeartofSenso
Druid Thiefling - Entguarde
Wolfkin Barbarian - Tacoorsmth
Royal harpy - Inkyling
Rouge Owlin - PlushBeeDraws

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